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How to Start a towing Business

Towing drivers are seen as heroes by drivers who are caught up either by accidents or car malfunctions. That is why starting a towing company can be quite rewarding. The process though requires some legal documents from the desired state government. Also, to start a towing business requires capital. Hence you can decide to seek […]
7 Aug by motownspeed

Getting your car out of impound after towing

Cars can be towed when various rules and regulations governing a city or state are flouted. Impounding of the vehicle could be done on a privately owned lot or even a state impound. This may happen from unsafe practices of parking your vehicle or in a way that affects the safety of others. It is […]
6 Aug by motownspeed

Comparing the automatic and manual transmissions during towing

Towing demands a vehicle with high level of performance and competency of the driver. When it comes to towing, every driver has his/her own opinion on whether to have an automatic transmission vehicle or a manual vehicle. Briefly, an automatic transmission is where the driver has no control of which gear to engage while the […]