Comparing the automatic and manual transmissions during towing

6 Aug by motownspeed

Comparing the automatic and manual transmissions during towing

Towing demands a vehicle with high level of performance and competency of the driver. When it comes to towing, every driver has his/her own opinion on whether to have an automatic transmission vehicle or a manual vehicle. Briefly, an automatic transmission is where the driver has no control of which gear to engage while the manual transmission is a transmission where the driver has all the controls of gearing.This article will compare the manual vs the auto on different grounds.

Off road

the automatic and manual transmissionsGenerally, if you are on a rough road, manual transmission outperforms the automatic transmission. This is because the driver of a manual has the option to choose which gear best fits the condition. Contrary, an automatic transmission truck makes the decision for the driver and sometimes it takes a lot of time to successfully engage the right gear.

Driving in a hazardous situation

Towing in a bad weather with an automatic gives the driver more control because there is no delay or loss of power which is caused when changing gears in manual trucks.

Large and heavy loads

The load being towed will determine which transmission is best for you. For instance, automatic trucks will allow more load to be towed than the manual trucks. This is because when towing heavy loads using the manual trucks, shifting gears can damage the clutch.


Manual trucks have no big problems when it comes to overheating. On the other hand, due to the added weight on the truck, you might be required to install a transmission cooler to prevent overheating of the automatic trucks.

Hill start

An automatic truck will make an easy hill start even when towing a heavy load. In a manual truck, the driver is likely to lose traction or burn out the clutch.


Generally, automatic transmission vehicles require less maintenance and are reliable compared to the manual transmission vehicles.

Being alert while driving

Due to the activity of engaging gears, the manual transmission keeps the driver awake and active.

Note that both automatic and manual trucks will get the job done. Choosing between the two is a personal preference.
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